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StudioH is our premier software application designed to give you an edge in the markets today. Its combination of stock analysis and back-testing modules let you quickly develop and test strategies. The stocks module can download daily historical prices from various reliable data sources and fit normal or fat-tailed (Student's T) distributions to the returns. The back-test module can be used to test custom strategies for buying and selling stocks. The back-tester is fully graphical and does not require any programming experience, ideal for the at-home trader.

  • Free
  • Build and test trading strategies
  • No programming necessary
  • Great for the at-home trader


24 Feb

New version coming soon!

By WildRoseHedging | Oct 25 2016

New version with new updates and new features so that you can come out ahead. Tell us what you want in your new version of StudioH by clicking here.

26 Feb

StudioH 1.0 is released!

By WildRoseHedging | Jan 1 2016

Checkout our free software tool that you can use to analyze stocks, develop your own trading strategies and back-test your strategies using historical data.