• Price options
  • Back-test your strategies
  • Visualize implied volatility
  • Fit returns
  • Fat-tailed analysis tools
  • Online Support
  • Volatility charts
  • Save your workspace
  • Access to premium data
  • Access to advanced pricing models
  • Review historical volatility
  • Visualize your data
  • Big Data analysis
  • Signal analyzing
  • Noise eliminating
  • Built in filtering
  • Visualization tools
  • Exporting tools

Software Products

We provide real-time online risk-assessment software and tools robust at analyzing and assessing risk in today's volatile markets. The software/tool is user-friendly and is equipped with a simple-to-use graphical user interface. The software provides the user with a comparative analysis of different risk models and allows for a very quick (real-time) assessment of the severity of tail events. The software can be downloaded and used locally by the customer. In addition to developing software for specific models, we can develope custom software for specific risk models. We call this "portfolio tailored software.


Decades of experience in market economy, investment, option pricing/hedging and big data analysis. This experience is combined with our group's expertise in developing state-of-the-art techniques and tools to handle today's volatile economy and markets in the big data era. We provide reliable and highly competitive advice and detailed reports to investors by assessing hidden risk in stable and turbulent markets. Our big-data-efficient algorithms help in developing optimum trading strategies in situation involving large and small time intervals. Our models and approaches remove the requirement that the volatility be known (we use a more reliable representation of the probability distribution of the stock returns) thus helping our clients to go beyond the Black-Scholes era and into the big data market.


We provide training for individuals (e.g. working in companies) in theoretical and numerical modelling of trading, risk analysis and big data handling. This allows our clients to send their own (specific) people for extensive training with us, allowing their trusted personal to get trained rather than hire a new individual. We can also train individuals remotely as we will be hosting online "webinars" periodically.