Trading strategies

Protecting the investor against exposure to tail-risk

Analysis of critical data and guidance for investment

Optimum strategies to mitigate risk


Trade your stocks your way. Whether you are just getting into the stock trading game or you're a veteran home trader, our sophisticated tools will show the beginners where to start and the veterans new tricks.


Afraid of sharp downturn in your portfolio? With everything from sophisticated back-testers to custom trading strategies to post Black-Scholes era volatility models, WildRoseHedging helps you hedge your bets against large swings in the market.

Big Data

Looking for a diamond in the rough? How about the needle in the haystack? When you're sure there's something hidden in the data, we're here to help you find it with custom software and personalized consulting services.

Premium Software

Our flagship software, StudioH, helps you invest better with tools for testing strategies and analyzing stock data. Cut out the guess-work and get straight to testing your stock trading strategies with our back-tester and test your hand at algorithmic trading.

Chart Central

Looking to invest in options, but disappointed by the data? Avoid risky investments by checking the volatility smile and returns of the stock option before buying it.

Wild Rose

As hardy as the flower we take our name from, WildRoseHedging is based out of "Wild Rose Country" Alberta. We'll help you and your investments weather the ups-and-downs of a stormy stock market.